Evening Quiet

As I ready myself for sleep tonight, I have decided to leave my curtains open.

Yes, I live in the city, and my neighbors may, possibly, see me sleeping.

But I like the light of the city to brighten the room.  I delight in daylight brightening my walls to a golden glow and waking me more naturally than any alarm ever will.  Therefore, I choose light over convention.  Call me a rebel, but from this day forth, I choose to do what pleases me, and do the things to which I commit my words and time.  Because these choices and acts are what make life worth living.

So do as you please:
Go for a run.  See that movie before it is out of the theatre.  Go to the beach for the day. Plan the trip and take it because you never know when you may not be able to run or go to a movie, walk in the sand or get on a plane.

I have learned that doing what you enjoy is important.  It is the reason we are here and how we learn about ourselves.  It is how we define our purpose, making us happy beings.

So, tonight, open your curtains and stare at the stars before you drift off.  Even the small pleasures which bring us joy stand to be counted and applied; they are a part of what makes it worthwhile to be here, living the human experience.

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