The Internet

A useful tool for most tech-savvy persons, I have fought my battles with this fantastic resource.  Upon my initial move into the city, and just having left the collegiate environment, I had no doubts or questions as to the necessity of an Internet connection.  I had become accustomed to having it so close at hand, I needed to maintain that accessibility.  However, in a short amount of time, I found that having such a vast array of materials at my fingertips made for evenings with a computer warming my lap during which I attended to no chores, cooking, or projects.  Six months into this way of life, I rebelled, cancelling my connection and choosing to live life more simply.  Then, six months later, I would go back, the desire to have the ease of email at home once again encouraging the phone call to subscribe; followed shortly again by cancellation.

This pattern continued for about three and a half years, and here I am again: Internet at my fingertips, days spent browsing, and now, blogging.  I intend to make this a useful sport, and an outlet for communication which may not be fulfilled throughout daily interaction.  Also, a place to express and marvel at the every-day or extraordinary goings-ons or even items/locations/food that please me.  I hope to bring, if not a multitude of insight to you, my readers, at least a form of mild entertainment.

May your day be full of laughter, light, and delight!

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