Live From El Salvador

Today was a very long day of travel.  I slept a whole two hours last night, after crawling under the covers at some time near one am.  I kept waking up before my alarm went off: at three am, 3:15, 3:20… I wasn’t even falling back into sleep, just closing my eyes and willing myself to give in to the exhaustion… And failing.  I finally got up at 3:30, deciding to shower and take my time.

Arrival time at the PDX airport was ten till 5 o’clock am.  (A huge thanks to the gentleman who drove me to my beginning destination, so I could sleep a little later than if I had taken Tri-met.  The sacrifice of your sleep will not go unnoticed, and you shall be compensated for your kindness).  I quickly acquired my boarding passes, got through security and hunted down the nearest coffee shop.  When I returned to my gate, I was obviously a little early.

It was a quiet morning at PDX.  So, I sat, caught up on my Instagram friends (find me @alainamaeve), and sipped contentedly in the grey stillness.

Just  a few people joined me, but by 6:30am our gate was full for the flight, we boarded and we were off!

… to Denver.

It was beautiful looking out the window at the mountains we passed over.   Their white, snowy tipped tops looked as if they were dusted with sugar, some massive, decadent treat just waiting to be eaten.

Then we headed to Houston.  With the light still out, I was able to see spectacular farming land circles.

The clouds were spectacular to behold: fluffy, white, casting shadows, it was perfect.

By the time we were heading to Central America, the sun had set, and there were no pictures to be taken.  I did see large boats out on the bay, beautiful symmetrical oblong ships, lighting up the water like it was Christmas.

And now, here I sit, ready for sleep, yet determined to get my NaBloPoMo writing done today, so here you are!

I did bring a book for all my traveling today: Illusions By Richard Bach.  I know this book must have jumped out of a yet unpacked box of books and into my backpack for a reason.  And now I only have ten pages left!  (It is a quick read -but extremely insightful). Here is a quote that stuck with me today:

“You are never given a wish
without also being given the 
power to make it true.”

I have been very interested in traveling for work; being given the opportunity to visit with factories and mills and work on process improvement. And here I am!  Doing exactly that.  No matter whether or not I did this for myself, I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to work with our partners in person.  

To All, I bid  you goodnight.

with joy,

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