Day Three: L.A. and My Best Friend

City of L.A.

Today, travel took me farther West, and a little bit North to Los Angeles, the ‘city of angels’ or at the very least, the home of my very best friend for all time, Brandi.  I met Brandi in third grade, and we have been really great friends ever since.  Over the last fourteen years, we have spent less time together: we went to different colleges, she travelled to Burkina Faso for two years with the Peace Corps, and then moved to L.A. while I stayed in Portland.  Despite the distance, regardless of the infrequency of our communication, we remain very close, never skipping a beat when we do have the opportunity to spend time together.

We had a delicious brunch, I met another of Brandi’s very good friends (also a member of the bridal party in her upcoming wedding), and then we headed back to her place for a little recovery and nap before heading to dinner with her aunt and cousin before going to watch Porgy and Bess at the Ahmanson Theater.  We had just enough time to go for a quick walk in a nearby park where the lilies were blooming before going to dinner, and they are so beautiful.

The singing was fantastic!  I laughed, I cried, it was touching and so wonderful to see a stage show for the first time in years.  I now commit myself to attending more events (plays, opera, theater) because they bring me so much joy!!!  Thank you Brandi, for taking me to a show!  Attending the theater is  delicious reminder that singing and theater are still very dear o my heart.  Not only do I want to watch others perform these beautiful feats of song, dance, and acting, I want tot participate!

So here’s my declaration: I will learn three songs to have at th ready for auditions, and go put my best foot forward when I see an opening, … and just see what happens.  Without worry of whatever fears or worry my mind may have about getting “out there”.  Taking this chance is worth a little stress.

Choose to live your life through joy – whatever that means for you.

What are you afraid to step up and do?


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