Reflection: (a.k.a. Personal Learnings From the Day-Job’s Annual Review Process)

That time of year has come once again, the self-review stage at my place of work, and I have been agonizing about filling out my form for two weeks.  Tonight, I finally buckled down to complete my side of the process, and while filling out information for each category I felt blocked, uncertain, and like a certain amount of information needed to be provided (and uncertain I was meeting those expectations), when finally, with a sigh of relief, I reached the bottom.

At the end of this form, there was a space for “Employee Overall Comments”.  The first thought that occurred to me was that it was not necessary for me to fill anything in that box, I had clearly spent the last three hours thinking and writing a sufficient amount about my experiences, work ethic, and examples.  But then I felt compelled to write.  So I started, and thirty minutes after submitting that form, I cannot tell you exactly what I wrote.  But I can tell you this: the words that sprung from my thoughts to my fingers and into the world were strong, confident, and filled with emotion.

Filled with gratitude.  

I am so grateful to be working in an environment where I am able to use my knowledge, express my opinions, and be so appreciated.  I want to say thank you to all my co-workers; I do not have the words to express the great impact you have had on me over the years.  I value every moment working with each and every one of you, and thank you for all you have taught me, and for the encouragement you show me every day.

I knew I liked my job, but until this moment, I did not realize the full scale of how much I really enjoy going to work every dayEven amidst all the chaos, change, and uncertainty.  I know that I will be challenged, respected, and get to do good work.  I am So Grateful!

Have you been surprised by the joys you find in your work?
Is there something you have suddenly and unexpectedly learned about yourself?

with joy and gratitude,

Adventuring in Far Away Lands

Finally finding myself in a seated position tonight, after finishing laundry, washing dishes, and packing a bag, I am feeling the exhaustion of the day seep into my aching bones.  The past two weeks have been long, packed with social engagements and the responsibility of moving my home, and now, only two days after setting up my bed in a new part of town, I am about to embark on my first-ever trip out of the country as a Product Engineer.

And I am so excited!

I will be attempting to post from another part of the world for the next few days, and they will be long, busy days, but I hope to remain a productive post-er even during my travels.

In a mere four hours my alarm will go off, and I’ll be jumping into the shower to wake myself up enough to find my way out the front door.   And by the end of the day tomorrow, I will be in a much warmer land somewhere South of here.  Yes, you are welcome to guess where I am going. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!  Here’s hoping for smooth, safe travels.

with joy in new and unexpected adventure,