The Time is Near: Running My First Marathon

In exactly 10 hours, the race will start, and I will be on my way down the hill to from Central, Utah to St George, Utah; 26.2 miles with a climb in the first half, and a descent to make any downhill runner excited about the split.  This is the St George Marathon.

Beautiful, rocky Utah.

I flew into Vegas and my grandparents and I drove up to Utah.  Unfortunately, I do will not have the pleasure of running with my Grampa as he will be resting due to an injury (silly runners, getting injured), but I feel extremely blessed that he is here with me and he and my Granma will be cheering me on throughout this race.

This marathon has morphed from a chance to try something new, and run with my family, to a true test of self-will.  I will be out on a mountain, on my own.  Albeit, there will be nearly 7500 other runners on the highway with me, but as they are unknown, it will be my own strength and perseverance that bring me down the mountain and across that finish line.

And I am truly thrilled to be given this opportunity to prove to myself:

For many years I have been told that there comes a time in a person’s life when you stop putting up with other people’s issues, pick up your own feet, and choose to take steps forward in life to achieve your goals – really living life and creating your own path.

I have finally reached that point.

Training for this marathon has taught me I am so much more capable than I ever imagined at running – and my eyes are now open and seeing the rest of my life, and I am taking chances, making gains, and truly feeling happy with where I am headed for the first time in many years.

So thank you, Grampa, for getting me to sign up for this race.  Because of your love of running, and the lessons I’ve learned, I am choosing to live, rather than just living.  

And that is one of the greatest lessons a person can ever learn.

Thanks to all my friends and family for all your wonderful support along the way.  I appreciate all of the love and encouragement you have shown me.  I am truly blessed.

Good Luck to everyone running races this weekend!  You will do great!

with joy and delight, Goodnight.