Recipe for Nourishment: Reunite Friends

Tonight, I got to be a part of bringing my sister and two of her best friends together for a very special reason.  They both live out-of-town, and arrived in town this week to surprise my sister and attend her baby shower, which takes place tomorrow.  The reveal of our special guests happened tonight, after her baby class.  My sister was caught completely off guard (we did a great job keeping the secret!) when two of her girlfriends she has known since grade school came around the corner.  There were squeals of surprise, happiness that melted into tears, and joyful laughter.

What an incredible way to end the week!

So much love; such deep friendship.  Love these ladies.

with joy and gratefulness for the besties in my life,

(PS Thanks to my brother-in-law for helping to make this night happen and not letting the cat out of the bag!!!)