Red All Around


This morning at the end of a three mile run, I was greeted with a glorious red sunrise. The old saying “Red at morning, sailor take warning” popped into my head, and was a small consideration when I dressed for the day.

Now, as I leave work, headed to meet my special someone for dinner on a day of the year that I have rarely had someone to share in the Hallmark moment, the sky is once again reflecting hues of red. The air around me smells almost pink, there is so much warm light glowing all around me. I begin to wonder if Mother Nature is playing games with us as “Red at night, sailor’s delight” runs through my thoughts.

Perhaps today was a day for the Earth to celebrate as well, and she donned her red cap this morning in honor of Valentine’s Day, and a light burgundy shawl tonight to show her participation in this day.

…or maybe it was supposed to rain today, but the weather patterns changed and rain is no longer in the forecast. ūüôā

Whatever the case may be, I am happy to have the opportunity to share some time with the important people in my life, and to tell them I care.

To all my fellow runners, and to my dear friends and family, I love you and wish you all the best, today and always.



Searching for Red, Found Sparkle Instead!

After a long day at work, I took a few minutes to peruse the local mall in search of a red shirt for a dance performance I will be a part of ¬†in about two and a half weeks. ¬†(Yes, I do enjoy social partner dancing, usually West Coast Swing or Blues. ¬†This performance will be a choreographed routine of with six couples; one minute and forty seconds of Nightclub 2-step and West Coast Swing, each). ¬†Much to my surprise, my search was for naught. ¬†I was positive I would find a plethora of red attire this close to the December holidays, but apparently, apparel stores are on a much more conservative schedule to release holiday product than our local grocers. ¬†Or, perhaps red and green are “out” this year, and the light peachy-orange color I’m seeing everywhere is the new red…?

Despite my failed attempt during my costume search, I did discover much beauty in the quiet evening at the mall. There may not have been holiday red, but the lack of festive color fled from my mind when I was blown away by shine, sparkle, and some holiday “snow” bubbles…

Sparkling lights – bubble blower creating “snow” from above.

Enormous decorations hung from the ceiling:

Ceiling ornamentals

Even the transit stop looked glorious in the lamp-light.  Maybe it was the reprieve from the rain, but I was seeing beauty everywhere tonight.  And I am so grateful.

If you’re like me, you probably have your phone out much of the time you are on your commute – checking Facebook, email, making phone calls… Do yourself a favor, and look up. ¬†Take some time to really¬†see what is around you, find some joy in what you witness, and share that experience with others, so they can take time to do the same.

Happy Wednesday!