A long silence.

Audiences waiting, breath bated…

What will her next reprise hold?

A dashing line, spoken bold,

A gentle word, spun with gold…?

Her breath is caught, she starts to sing

…and all that wait can hear the ring

the treasure found so deep inside

that finally, she no longer hides.

The song concludes with a final note

that rings through the air, and take note,

for the girl who finally let open her mouth

has learned to let the sound come out

with joy and pleasure she now sings for you,

in hopes this song will move you, too.

Sing out! Good friends, in all you do.

In the car, in your home, and on the street, too.

You never know how the joy can spread

or when a spirited journey may be led.

For those who by example show

the world around them how to grow

through smiles and laughs and gleeful notes

– they teach us to live our lives afloat –

We leap! and dance upon a whim,

and spend less time feeling grim

because when one is able to express

the feelings they have held repressed

the heart grows light,

the mind more calm,

and one realizes all along,

that all that was needed

was to simply…


And sing a song.

(Be gleeful, and share your joy!)


As days warm and we head toward Spring

there is no knowing what life will bring.

A joyous dance, or a sunlit flower

but greatness found in every hour.


Life brings us troubles, it gets us down,

and at times, we’re left with a frown.

My wish for you, may it come true,

Is bright skies of deep, deep blue.

Never enough…

…minutes to sip on your morning coffee before work.

…time in the day to accomplish everything you thought you wanted to do.

…hours in the day to get to know a new friend.

…days in the week to work, eat, sleep, and play.

Plenty enough…

…laughs in a lifetime to share with all you know.

…smiles to cheer the frowns away.

…hugs to clear the blues away.

…kisses to make the boo-boos all better.

…love to bring comfort and joy.

Laugh a little louder today.  Bring some happy to the world.