Cars and Change

Today marks a huge change in my life.  I got a lease on a brand new car.  I am still having a hard time believing that just outside, there is a car that this key in my hand fits in the ignition, and I can drive it whenever I want.  It’s mine.

For some of you, this may seem rather trivial, so let me give you a little background.  When I turned 15 I took driver’s ed at my high school, just like many of you probably did, as well.  Going through the motions of what we do in our teens, right?  So when I finished the course, and was ready to move on and get some more driving under my belt with my parents… it just didn’t happen.  Therefore, I did not get my license… for fifteen more years.

That’s right folks, until I turned 30, and was well on my way to 31 I might add, I had never had a driver’s license.  In december of last year, I finally got an official License, three months before I turned 31.  To celebrate, I got myself a membership to the great in-city driving program, Car2go. (Check them out!  I loved driving these cars!).

So here I am, nearly 32 now, just getting my first car, ever, having had my license for going on one year.  And you know the car I chose?  Smart, reliable, cute, and perfect for city parking:  the Smart Car. Yes, they’re a little slow to shift gears, and yes a lease is an interesting agreement to get into, but the price was right, I’m used to the cars, and they’re adorable!  I really did have a great experience with Car2go that helped to influence this decision.

Meet my new car:

Here’s to big life changes, more freedom and independence (and more bills), and my new self: A marathoner, and a Driver!  I can just pick up and go see my sister, Grandma, Uncle or Aunt, and I do not have to plan a trip on the bus to travel to see them.  Pretty sweet deal!

What have you put off completing in your life?  Or what have you chosen to delay based on fears, concerns, or simply by contentment to remain where you are rather than surging forward?

with joy,