Why I Run

On an especially gorgeous day like today, it is hard to imagine why someone would even consider the treadmill.

This is why I get outside:

Green space…


Incredible knobby trees.


Sweet scents.
Sweet scents.


Luscious light.
Luscious light.


Fabulous filters for sun-gazing.
Fabulous filters for early morning sun-gazing.


A world a-wash in hues of green.
A world a-wash in hues of golden greens.

Knowing that each and every day, even if the route I choose to follow is the same path I’ve pounded for several consecutive work-outs, I will see something new worth noting is a marvelous motivator.  A moment, a shadow, a bloom, a highlight previously overlooked will trigger a pause, a moment of admiration paying my respects to nature, saying ‘thank you’ then continuing on, is enough to get me out of bed each day.

What motivates you to get out and start your day?  



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