Two for Twenty for Twenty-two days

Over the last year, exercise has become what I refer to as “the thing I used to do all the time,” and satisfaction in the way my body appears, feels, and moves has become increasingly sub-standard in my own perspective.  I am proud to say, I have finally reached the crux where I can no longer tolerate myself.  I have renewed vigor and determination to simply feel good again.

Therefore, as of Friday, June 15th, I made myself this promise: Two miles.  Everyday.

I will run two miles, run for twenty minutes, every day for twenty-two days.  Just over three weeks.  Basic purpose to establish routine and get my body used to moving again.  So far, day four, and for the fourth day in a row, two miles done today.  My calves are tight, achy, and sore from wearing my Vibram five-fingers, and I am taking Epsom Salt baths far more frequently than I ever could have imagined.  I know I need the good influence of these shoes to assist my body back into proper running form again; a year is a long time to go without running (especially for a girl who calls herself a runner!).

I have called myself a runner for the past 4 years, ever since completing my first half marathon.  I have never entered a race with the idea of beating anyone in particular, or even my own time.  Running, in my adult life, has become leisurely, meditative, and solely to boost my mood and burn off steam.  I love it.

So, two for twenty for twenty-two days.  This promise, I make myself.

And once twenty-two days are complete, only goodness knows where this running will lead me. I am so excited to experience how this small promise changes me!

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