Sunshine! (and bugs)


On this wonderfully sunny Tuesday with a touch of the Mondays after President’s Day holiday, I resolved to do my first run of the week during the work day.  I was cheered knowing that this was going to be a fantastic break in my day and quickly went to work creating a to-do list. After four of the items noted were checked off, and my lunch had settled a while, I was anxious to hit the pavement!

I wore my original Vibram KSO‘s (purchased … five years ago??? they live at work and are my go to’s for exercise at the office) planning to fit in a 4.5 to 5 mile run.  I had to use a little force and yank the shoes over my heel, but once I strapped down the velcro, I remembered why I decided to continue using Vibram shoes.  The KSO has wonderful arch support (that velcro strap does a fantastic assist), and while the KSO’s I own are a size or two smaller than my newer Komodosport version, they felt tight but were still comfortable.


I left the building, smile blazing, sun shining in my eyes, a yearning for the sunglasses I left at home forcing grin wider toward my ears.  I had not run on a clear, sunny day in what felt like months.  ecstatic, I jogged out of the parking lot, started down the street, taking a deep breath… and suddenly sputtered, coughed, and  found myself spitting sporadically.  I inhaled a bug.  And I couldn’t get it out!  I was grossed out, a little freaked out, and amused by the irony that I had just gone from totally blissed-out to discombobulated in mere seconds.  I continued on my chosen route alternately laughing and spitting.  I still do not know if I was able to dislodge the winged insect from my airway, but the irritation has decreased and I’m no longer worried it will start crawling around inside me.

On many occasions I have swallowed bugs, this is something I expect while running; I am moving through the air at an increased speed with my mouth hanging wide open to be able to breathe more easily through the delighted smile I wear.  I have never actually inhaled an insect where it has passed my mouth and entered an airway!  Have any of my fellow runners out there experienced this?  I swear I can still feel a lump in my throat…

Oh, the adventure lives on…  (well, hopefully not the bug… but you know what I mean!)

Happy Running!

P.S. Look for a new post soon from a gorgeous run our group did on an out-of-town run a few weeks ago!  Also, last Saturday’s run – the long waterfront loop!  Playing catch up this week…

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