Summer running, having a blast!

Overlooking the city, Mt Hood in the distance.

Hello, readers, bloggers, and runners!

Admittedly, I have spent far too much time away from my keyboard.  The past two months have worn on me; I have lost, learned, and through these experiences, I have come to conclusions which are guiding me to the center of what is important to me… But that is a blog for another day, as I am not quite ready to share my story.

This evening, I would love to tell you about this morning’s run!

I am now less than two months from Marathon day!  Today’s training schedule had eight miles slated; I plotted my course, and was out the door by 6:15am.  I wanted to savor the morning light, and get in what views I could, so my run started on a vertical climb to my favorite lookout.  I was greeted with the lovely scene above.

The sun was  just rising (tomorrow I plan to head out a little earlier to get a better look at the sun as it rises rather than after the event), and the light from that big ball of gas was blinding, highlighting everything within reach in a goldenrod hue.

I couldn’t get enough!  But since I had another six and a half miles to cover, I resumed my run.  My next destination was the Waterfront, and on my way I happened upon a beautiful bridge sightings:

The Fremont Bridge as seen from The Fields Neighborhood Park.
Broadway Bridge with the sun rising over the Willamette.

It was a glorious morning for this run.  I thought the route would be pretty devoid of runner traffic, but this day proved a busy time for runners.  (Probably due to the fact that the temperature was supposed to top off over 90 degrees, a fact of which I was unaware until mid-day).

Looking back across the water at “Big Pink”.

I finished my eight mile double loop with a time of 1:21, yielding 10’10” miles (including time spent photographing the world around me).  It’s pretty incredible to see that I am gaining speed even without training to be faster.

Last month rounded out with 100 miles covered in training, this month the dial is already turned to nearly 86 miles, and there are six more training runs to complete!  The plain truth that my human body is able to keep up with this training regimen, constantly amazes me.

This evening, I was talking with a friend who said that a couple of his runner friends mentioned that after training, the act of running is boiled down to a factor of time – time needed to complete the run.  I find myself thinking about running with that mind-set as well: How many miles do I need to do now?  And how many minutes do I need to accomplish this next run?

How do you feel about training when you are a month away from the marathon?  Is it draining?  Exhilarating?

Does running become tedious covering so many miles (and so many minutes), or does the monotony provide the freedom for the mind to make space and just enjoy?

As always, Happy running!

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