Rest – Three days

My initial intent for the weekend was to take a day off from my constant track of running, and get back to it the following day with a new goal and program.  Saturday blended into Sunday, and Monday snuck up on me, so busy this first day of the week, that three days fled by without any time spent in running shoes.

Hm.  Ok.  Step back.  Maybe this is ok.

While I am mildly upset with myself for taking three days off in a row, I do realize that the human body does need some time to rest and repair.  After months of neglecting my physical fitness, I chose to run everyday.  For twenty-two days straight.  A grand idea to get back into the swing of things, but in all honesty, after three days off, I’m feeling more refreshed, less pain, and ready to jump back in more than I have any day previous during those 22.  So, perhaps this little break was a necessary hiatus to bring me back around.

Part of the reason I began my running regimen was to help rehab my body.  I was unfortunately involved in two car accidents, not major in my mind (and inexperience as a non-driver), and therefore, I did not feel that they would have a lasting impact on my body.

I was wrong.

I am still working through recovery, nine months post-accident.  My upper and mid back just get tight.  And hurt a bit. Most of the time.  And I knew they would flare when I started running, but I did not expect the relentless protest of every muscle in my back revolting at my efforts to assist a more speedy recovery by introducing some strength training.  Just the simple act of running was enough to cause spasms that took my breath away, leading to horrific knots and ropes down the right side of my spine.  It has been an incredible experience, dealing with frustration with my body’s reaction, learning patience, and slowing my pace, reducing miles, and focusing on my posture and gait to bring myself to a place where I can be active.  Reluctantly at first, and definitely with some trepidation once the side-effects of physical stress from activity were revealed, but I kept at it, day after day, shoes on and one foot in front of the other… Just one more day, just two more miles.  That I could do.

Now I can tell you my back is not as tight, nor is it hurting as it has been. I don’t know if it is because I have taken some rest days, or if the reason lies simply in having not run nor the exercises;  I have not been putting stress on these muscles.  Which, perhaps, is a relief to the right side of my body.

Tomorrow morning, however, I am going to get out for three miles.  Why three miles?  Because it sounds good.  I have not yet come up with a plan for “Phase 2” and until that is complete and declared to all of you, I will be running.  One day on, one day off.  And Tuesday is an “on” day.  🙂

Happy running, friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us. Rest is wonderful! Your body does need these days. Relish in them. You are right that you should not feel guilt or anxiety from not running, especially after such a long running streak! (Whew! 🙂 – Nice job on those 22 days!). Happy running to you, too! Hope your runs are less humid and sweaty than mine!

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