Midnight motivation

Do you ever have one of those nights? You get tired early, but you’re still doing your laundry and washing dishes and all of the sudden: Bam! Ideas start running through your head and you start to really focus and puzzle over your life’s current challenges. And you don’t know whether to turn it all off (including the lights) or forgo a good night’s sleep and take action (and copious notes)?

This evening, I was folding my laundry, a mundane task accompanied by television watching, when my head was suddenly spinning with thoughts of new projects to start, ways to finish others, an outfit to wear tomorrow to work… And I knew I could let myself stay up and work out a master plan and have that great sense of accomplishment.

Deep down I know that if I let myself stay up, no way will I go running in the morning as I have planned. Daydreams set aside for the evening, I choose to put my hobby (important to my pursuit of happiness) first. As i climb into bed, I know choosing to get up early and hit the pavement will be more satisfying than a late night and projects started that I won’t finish.

At least for today. 🙂

Happy running!

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