It’s Official!

On Monday, I checked my email in-box, and my heart jumped when I read the subject line of an email from my Grampa: “Fwd: St. George Marathon Lotto Results” … The results were in… I didn’t know if I was ready to know whether or not we were chosen, but I had to open the email.

“WooHoo!!!” read the first line.  I knew what that meant.  🙂

We’re in.  I’m excited!  (and maybe just a little nervous)

On October 5th, 2013, I will be running the St. George Marathon with my Grandpa and 7,498 other runners.  My first marathon, and a chance for Grampa to BQ.

I am incredibly lucky for a couple reasons:
1.  I get to run the St. George Marathon! (I was chosen in the lottery and I am healthy enough to train and complete the run)
2. I have the great privilege of running with my Grampa!!!

How many thirty-something girls get to say that!?!

A big shout-out to Grampa and to Mom – Thank You both for being such inspiring athletes.
I hope to keep moving and meeting my goals as you have done throughout your years.

I’m one lucky girl.

And finally, words of wisdom to keep the head level, heart in-tune, and the mind in the joy of the present:

(Quote from The Zen of Running). Love it! Thank you!

always lovin’ life.

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