Fitness Quest Part 1 (2 for 20 for 22) Complete!

I did it.  I’m done…

For the first time in my life, I can proudly state that I have started a fitness program, of my own design, for myself, and met my goal.  For no other reason than wanting to do something good for myself, which, I have to admit is a pretty darned good reason.  In my recent past, I have signed up with trainers, signed myself up for races and relays, yet never have I been so committed to training or working out as I have been these past 22 days.  Something within me has switched.

Of course, my goal was certainly designed with S.M.A.R.T. criteria, not intentionally, but I wanted to be able to finish this first step and get myself back on track, running with some real, quantifiable frequency.  It was a Specific, simple goal: 2 miles, everyday, Measured easily by completion.  Certainly for me, this goal of two miles was Attainable, as I have stretched my body to 8, 10, and 13 miles previously.  Running two miles does not tax my mind too much, although the body took some time to become accustomed to the rhythm and motion of running after such a long break.  I knew this was Relevant to my overall fitness intentions, and 22 days gave it a trackable Time frame.  S.M.A.R.T. and complete!

I will now move into “Part 2” of fitness training.  Realistically, I plan to do fewer runs per week, giving my body time to repair between workouts, but I intend to increase mileage.  A wise person suggested adding hills and speed workouts, which I know to be typical training methods for distance runners, and I am considering this type of workout regimen.  Speed has always been grueling trial for me; especially overcoming the mental fatigue associated with self-doubt.  I would like to tackle that hurdle, but I do not know if I’m prepared to face those demons alone just yet.

About a year ago, I was running with a group of friends every Saturday.  They continue to this day, out and backs of 8-12 miles each weekend, and I would love to run with them again, but I’m still afraid of attempting that distance, as I haven’t yet built up my stamina.  My primary goal is to increase my distance to achieve 8 mile runs, so I can run with my companions again.

I have a new goal!  I’ll supplement longer runs with some speed training on the track, and hills, and … yep!  I think I have the base of my next phase mapped.  Now, to decide upon a time-frame…

But first things first!  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 7th, No Run!  After 22 days running, with no rest day, I will take tomorrow, also known as the 23rd day, off (although, I may go to yoga, extra stretching is highly advised for runners who might need help relaxing tight muscles).

Thank you all, for your support and feedback.  I’ll let you know my plan for Phase 2 training, soon!

Happy Running, everybody!

Top of the hill mid-way, run #22. . The view, and Me eyes.  🙂

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