Cold Days: Fingers Become Icicles and the Appearance of the Little Circle of Doom

The last couple weeks have been cold.
I mean Cold!

I have recently acquired my first OMNI-HEAT Down-jacket from Columbia Sportswear, and I am loving every second of wearing this blanket from heaven.
I can not believe it took me so many years to get one of these jackets.  It is a total game-changer!  See it here!

I have also learned the effects of the cold on my regular habit of picture-taking on my run… three-quarters of a mile in, one picture snapped, then – the screen goes black and the little circle of doom spirals, sputters, and disappears as my phone shuts itself off. 

Does anyone have a solution for this iPhone “it’s too cold out to function” shut-down prevention?  How do folks in Alaska and North Dakota use cell phones or smart phones if they just shut off when it is cold?

Needless to say, I haven’t been getting many scenic captures in the past few weeks.  Fortunately, the weather has warmed a little, my life is calming, I’m feeling the breathing room, and I’ll be able to get out and share the view very soon.

Here are a few pictures from a run when the temperature hit the teens; the sun was setting and I was able to get in a few pictures in the first 8 minutes of my run before the spiral appeared in blackness and my phone took a nap:

I plan to find a solution so I can continue my favorite pastime of iPhoneography while running, and until then, you may find more words here than images.  I welcome any thoughts or advice you can offer!

I hope everyone is staying warm, and having fun tackling the elements, whatever they may be where you run!

with joy,

0 thoughts on “Cold Days: Fingers Become Icicles and the Appearance of the Little Circle of Doom

  1. You either have to keep the phone tucked inside, or (not sure if this exists) have the battery inside a warm spot with a cord going to the phone. That exists for some cameras. I ran into the same problem with my cordless drill at work which is normally stored in my work van…outside. “BREEEeeerr… Hey what’s wrong with this thing?” Also, the LCD screens can sometimes go dark when cold, and the only solution is to keep them warm and use them when needed.

    1. I have tried keeping my phone tucked into my sleeve/glove, but apparently this does not provide sufficient warmth on extremely cold days. I will have to see if I can figure some way to strap it closer to my core, although, the point of carrying it is for pictures… and if it turns off as soon as it is exposed, I may just have to wait till Spring! Thanks for your tips!

  2. Strap that baby to your belly if you have to! I completely sympathize with you. I hate that damn circle. And it always appears when there is something fabulous to be photographed during a run. Damn you Circle of Doom. Damn you.

    Thanks for following our blog! So nice to have “found” each other. Great stuff here! 🙂

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