Candy Corn and Redefined (and Unrefined) Writings

Tonight, on my way home from a quiet, comfortable dinner with a good friend at a sidewalk bistro table, we walked by the grocery store to get a few necessities for the work-week, and were caught off guard by the barrage of orange  and purple candy bags stacked throughout the entryway and along the aisles.  Could it be that Halloween has already arrived?  In mid-September?

Very quickly it was obvious Halloween is taking over the grocery store.  My inner five-year old’s eyes went wide, and a grin spread across her face…  She (and I) had to find candy corn!

I have had a personal allowance of one bag of candy corn pumpkins per year, for the last six years.  This has been my one vice and indulgence during the Halloween Holiday candy frenzy craze.  And I have been ok with that.  I’m not proud of this choice, but I figure this one divergence is not a terrible calamity to my state of health.  And to tell you the truth, tonight, I was so excited, my inner five-year old tore open the bag, and I was eating a pumpkin before I set foot outside the door to head home.  Just like being a kid again…  When I arrived home, after consuming a handful of candies, I tied the bag off with a twist-tie to enjoy at a later date.  Only moments passed, and suddenly, my heart was racing, I couldn’t sit still, I felt like crying, and taking a nap.

Holy cow!  THAT is what corn syrup does to me.  I completely forgot.  Over the past year, I have been making much more conscious decisions concerning which foods I eat and those I abstain from, and corn syrups and refined sugars live right at the top of the eliminated foods list, among other super-processed items.  I cannot say that my body has not had a similar response before, but wow… This may be the first time I truly experienced and acknowledged how strong the reaction is and how it affects me physically and mentally.

Have any of you noticed these types of reactions when you deviate from your health conscious diet choices?  Have you noted any specific foods that really get you crawling out of your skin?

Two years ago, when I started this blog, my intention was undefined.  I would simply post something, about anything, perhaps a poem, whenever I felt the need or desire (which was very infrequent).  Over the past few months “Living & Loving Life” has morphed into a running blog.  As much as I am a runner, and gain great joy from sharing my experiences, there are so many other things I would like to write about and share from my life’s experience.  Lately, I have found myself hesitating when I want to write about anything unrelated to running.  I feel that to deviate from this subject will mean breaking the unwritten contract I have with the community of people who have chosen to read my words when they relate to hitting the pavement.

My eternal optimist tells me that perhaps a change in topic will be an opening to reach others who may read this blog, but have not chosen running as their personal physical pursuit.  Maybe you, too, can relate to the tale of candy corn and the childlike response (the high and the crash).

Tonight, my conclusion is this: I will continue running and writing, but I will let my mind settle on the day’s notable topic, allowing my fingers lay a foundation of words wherever my thoughts may wander.

And I am not going to eat any more candy corn!

From the uphill morning run six-mile journey; the sun rising below the hill, beyond the bridge, behind the tree.

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