A Snow Day Run

Over the past few days it has snowed.  It snowed a little on Monday and again on Tuesday, and while it looked pretty floating in large white balls of fluff, the air was warm enough that it all melted away moments after it hit the ground.  Then, on Thursday, after a very cold, dry Wednesday, the weather reports were all over the board, as is usual when there is a potential for “winter weather” in Portland.

And then… at about ten in the morning… tiny, white flakes began falling from the sky.
The snow did not necessarily stick, but was blown around by incredible gusts of wind. 

When I decided to leave work at twelve thirty in the early afternoon, snow was piling up, the wind was crazy, and the temperature was around 20 degrees (with a ‘feels like’ six degrees!).  Needless to say, in a location where drivers are inexperienced with the white stuff falling from the sky, a half hour commute turned into nearly three hours, much of that spent waiting for a bus in ‘blizzard’ conditions.  I rewarded myself with a hot chocolate at one of my favorite coffee shops close to home, and on my walk after the fortifying hot beverage, snow-covered the ground.

Snow was predicted for varying amounts of accumulation, and to my delight – there were measurable inches by the end of the day!  Which of course meant that today I was probably going to skip the commute to the office and work remotely.

And I did – delighted to sit at home at my desk, and gaze out my single-pane window at the snow-covered city.

After a few hours of sitting, staring, and finishing some work, my legs could not sit still any longer, and I had to get out and run!

I layered up (three wool shirts!), headed out the door and quickly learned that running on lightly compacted, powdery snow is very much like running on dry sand.  Challenging and so much fun; I found myself giggling every two minutes as I would slip or slide.  And of course, I took pictures!

It was a beautiful morning…

During this morning’s run, there was no precipitation, in fact the sun starting peeking out from behind some clouds.  At noon, it was snowing again… and it has not stopped!  I am looking forward to walking out into a dreamy, white winter wonderland to get my morning cup o’joe, and plan which direction my feet will take me on the Saturday long run…

Where do you like to run when the weather is … compromising?
How do you stay warm?  I thought about a scarf today to cover my nose, but decided against it as it could have been uncomfortable.

Keep warm, and have fun getting outside!

with joy in running (and the unexpected),

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  1. I can’t believe how much it’s still hitting us! I’ve been too nervous about running in it and have hit the dreaded treadmill at my apartment’s community center. Though, I have enjoyed some walking in it and may try to sneak another snowy walk in later today.

    1. This snow is incredible! Today, my Saturday Run group still met for our 8 miler… Up Terwilleger! We cut the hill short after a couple miles and added the small waterfront loop, instead. Running out there isn’t too scary, and it is a Much harder workout. I am feeling muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had! If you want a buddy to run with out in the white, let me know! 🙂

  2. Love this. I was so bummed to be flying out of Portland on Friday morning without any time for a snow run! Of course, where I am now (Indianapolis) has plenty of snow, but it doesn’t feel nearly as special. : )

    1. It is pretty special to get to experience the once every five years snow in Portland. I can tell you now, Indianapolis is probably better for snow running, we’re getting freezing rain. (No snow run tomorrow!) Glad you are still getting to experience the beautiful white stuff! 🙂

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