A Case of the Mondays … Or Post-20 Miler Fatigue?

Okay, I can’t necessarily blame the exhaustion I feel right now on running 20 miles.  I had a jam-packed weekend.  Dinner out with friends after working late on Friday, baby shower and family dinner on Saturday, house chores and 20 miles running on Sunday… Not enough sleep, and I am starting to feel the effects.  I am going to be grateful for the next two weeks of “taper”.  Fewer miles to run = more time to sleep! Today my legs are exhibiting some signs of use in the form of that “ugh” stiffness that you feel after sitting for too long, and mild soreness.  No limping or hopping around, just a slow start after a complete stop.  🙂 Okay, yesterday, I did not consume a normal amount of nourishment – I had consumed about 1.5 meals by 2:30pm and then went out to run 20 miles.  Hard to keep the pace when your energy is low.  Overall, I was not consistent.  I was thrown by the heat, and was slow and fast alternately (probably depending on when I hit shady spots!).  I averaged somewhere between a pace of 10:45 – 11 minutes/mile.  Not exactly what I was thinking I would do, but hey, I ran 20 miles in 70 degree heat!  (Yes, that is hot compared to the usual 45-50 degrees of six o’clock in the morning). I was pleased to get to go to dinner tonight and take it easy with a friend at one of my favorite restaurants in Portland – The Sweet Hereafter.  Nice atmosphere (before it gets crowded – this place can get a little noisy on those Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights), tasty food, and great drinks.  And all Vegan (if you’re into that – I just happen to love the Jamaican Bowl.  SO delicious!)

Beautiful long stems and candles…. all about the atmosphere!

It is so refreshing to know that summer is on her way bringing blooms of all kinds – and I will just have to remember to run before the sun takes over the sky and heats up the black, city pavement.

Such a pretty array of flowers.

As I write this I am fighting a losing a battle with my eyelids, so I shall bid you all good night! Happy Running! ~Alaina

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  1. Congrats! And double congrats for 20 miles in 70 degree heat! That’s a big change. Yikes! My 20 miler went off without a hitch (no emergency room! Yippee!) but also wound up in the high 70s by the time I was done. And lemme tell you. I. Felt. It. Becoming warmer gradually is one thing but this 30+ degree hop is crap. To cool runs, with no humidity! Here’s to hoping!

    1. Thanks so much! It. Was. Hot! I am so glad to hear you kicked this 20 miler’s patootie this time. 🙂 Nice Job!!!

      Marathon day weather is always colder because you start earlier, right? (Here’s to hoping, indeed!)

  2. I only walked 18 and jogged 2 on Monday – I, too am pooped. No excuses, work, life and long run/walks take their toll AND make us stronger inside and out (even at 75). I know now, I can walk and jog Newport, won’t be pretty, but no dnf for me.

    1. It surprises me that I forgot so quickly how much energy all this running takes! I feel great when I am getting out so often… But those days when I run over 20 miles really take it out of me. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Grampa. 🙂

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