2 more days ’till 22

Friday the 6th of July, I will have achieved my goal of running 2 miles everyday, for 22 days.  Of course, there has been one variation, as there often will be in this type of training.  This past Sunday, I realized the monotony of the same distance, every day to the same location was starting to wear on me.  So, in efforts to revitalize my interest in my short run, I set out for a 1.25 mile climb, uphill the entire way, to a great spot to stop and enjoy the view.  It is SO spectacular, that the memory of the effort spent getting there (I did not walk at all – so proud of myself!) dissolves as soon as I look out over the city.


Even on a grey, overcast, and slightly damp morning, this view still takes my breath away.

I have yet to check 2 miles off my list today, this Wednesday, the 4th of July, Independence Day.  Good fortune of having the day as a Holiday from work is allowing me the freedom to get outside while the sun is shining, my first time running in warm weather in months.  A mid-day run is a definite to-do today.

Reflecting on the last 19 days, only a couple of them have proved challenging; they required extra resolve to get up, put my shoes on and get the run done.  Getting into the routine has been less of a strain than I first anticipated.  Now, after 19 separate 2 mile runs, I feel significantly stronger which comes as a surprise.  As a former practiced athlete, I feel that logically, the amount of work that running 2 miles each day requires is not enough to make a significant difference in the way my body feels.  Additional unexpected benefits include more restful sleep, as well as falling asleep almost immediately after laying down.  I have an enjoyable daily routine, although I am learning that a change in scenery from time to time is something I do crave.

Now my thoughts drift to what challenge to take on next. Do I run three miles, 30 minutes, three times per week for thirty days?  While this proposal has a pleasant sound rolling off the tongue, in reality it is a backward step, as my overall minutes running would decrease, and miles run would decrease from 140 to 90, and 14 to 9 respectively.  Perhaps I’ll run 3 times per week for 30 minutes, and add one long run, 5 miles, on the weekend?  Thus providing my body some rest from running, and allowing days for cross-training (and yoga!).  There is so much to consider, and only three days until I want to have my new plan in place!

For the first time in my life, I am positive I can continue running.  I have designed this exercise routine with no consideration beyond the desire to be active and increase my overall fitness, and I am enjoying every moment of my daily dose of pavement pounding.

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  1. My vote (as if it matters) is to mix it up! Throw a long run in there, hills, and short fast runs is definitely a good way of going about it. 🙂

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