Never enough…

…minutes to sip on your morning coffee before work.

…time in the day to accomplish everything you thought you wanted to do.

…hours in the day to get to know a new friend.

…days in the week to work, eat, sleep, and play.

Plenty enough…

…laughs in a lifetime to share with all you know.

…smiles to cheer the frowns away.

…hugs to clear the blues away.

…kisses to make the boo-boos all better.

…love to bring comfort and joy.

Laugh a little louder today.  Bring some happy to the world.

Dancin’ in the streets

Last summer, while enjoying the delightful warmth and sunshine gracing the greater Portland area, I stumbled upon two people dancing.  Mesmerized by this attractive young couple, I had to pause in my day to enjoy their performance during that last hot weekend at the Saturday Market.  The mere fact that there were two people dancing on the streets in Portland would generally be enough persuasion for me to stop and appreciate the couple enjoying life and each other; these two took it to another level, generally one kept to circus tents.  Their legs went on for days, for they were on stilts.  I can’t imagine that walking on two pegs rather than a whole foot (heel, arch, ball, and toes) is easily achieved, but they made it look natural.  They moved effortlessly and with such grace that I think I stood gawking for near half an hour.

I hope that one day, I can be as much of an awe-inspiring example for some other person.  A few iPhone snap-shots of the dance:

Their fun-having was so infectious, members of the crowd delighted in their involvement, showing as much enthusiasm as was demonstrated.

I look forward to these sun-filled summer days when revelers can once again delight in dancing outdoors.