Change & Preparation

There is something so undeniably satisfying about rearranging one’s home.  Today, I created a workroom for myself, inspired by this question “are you setting yourself up for success?”  I have been haunted by my quick, unedited answer, “no!”  My home is disorganized, components of projects were scattered, room to room; I was not at all prepared to sit down, easily pull the pieces together, and complete a project I had started a summer ago.

Today, that has all changed.  sewing materials are situated near the table where the sewing machine sits.  The computer is in the same room, for ease of photo download and editing; books, resources, and tools that help achieve success in the process are also near the craft table.  I am set.  I can begin!

A hill on the horizon

There are times on this life-long journey when circumstances will challenge and push us to the next level.  We walk willingly, happily, even ravenously into these trying days, perhaps knowing we asked for these changes to come about, lying in expectation and wait for days, weeks, months, or long years.  Often, we are brought to a new understanding of our lives by the experiences to be had during this phase.  We come off the plateau, and are able to climb the next hill.

There are times when we are living on the plateau and asking for change.  But we do not hear the universe answering.  We are stating requests for changes we wish to see in our lives, but we get to the end of our plateau, and we see no rise.  There is no hill or mountain to take us to the next level.  We must initiate our own climb; we must somehow create an opening in the world for change to flow into our lives.

I am ready to leave the plateau.

See you on the next rise.